Safety & Reliability, Peace-of-Mind and Total Satisfaction!


Locally established with experience going back to the 1950’s, Sunset Truck and Auto

is more than just a local repair shop. It is in its second generation of ownership in the

same location. Started in 1986 as a two bay shop, Sunset Truck and Auto has

expanded to five bays.


Service, Care & Trust

Expect the job done right – the first time.Sunset Truck and Auto has built an outstanding

HOME TOWN reputation for high quality automotive services and repairs, the knowledge

and expertise of our staff, and the honesty with which we treat all of our valued



Every Customer is Important

At Sunset Truck and Auto we focus our full attention on our customers. Every customer

is important, every job is important – no matter how big or small the service or challenge

might be.


Quality Vehicle Care

At Sunset Truck and Auto, we believe in quality. Most of our customers initially came

to our shop based on a recommendation from a friend or family member. When

customers come to us looking for quality service they can trust, we will go the extra

mile to make sure that our services and quality care meet your expectations!



Our business philosophy is simple: The safety and reliability of your car is our

number one concern, and we take all the necessary steps to ensure that we can

give you peace-of-mind whenever you are behind the wheel.


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